About Us

Moksilink is an organisation created by young entrepreneurs from the UK based in Ghana and Nigeria. We recognise the desire for young people like ourselves who wish to relocate, set up businesses and reside back in Africa. However, we also understand the difficulty in finding safe and affordable housing.

Our aim at Moksilink is to simply #BringThePeopleHome; back to comfort and luxury.

Sankofa – “ Go back and fetch it “

We must look back to the past so that we may understand how we became what we are, and move forward to the future.

We have set up a competition where everyone has the chance to win their dream home for only £2. Yes you read it correctly only £2 a ticket.

Moksilink is starting first in the capital city of Ghana, Accra. As the emerging buzzing centre point of tourism and lifestyle in Africa, it was only right that we started our journey here.

At Moksilink we aim not to only change peoples lives with a stunning property, but also help the less privileged with our charitable donations. ChangeForGhana; provide aid in the form of charitable fundraising to help affected communities in Ghana and help develop future sustainable solutions that allows independency. We realised the sincere importance of charity and how much they help those in need. At the end of each raffle we will donate a chunk of the profits. This will ensure that everybody can benefit from our presence in the continent.
Help us Help you change your life for just £2.